Earth Strike NYC

On September 27: Communities strike for the climate over colonialism and capitalism

Our Demands

We believe addressing these demands is crucial to addressing the climate crisis.

We’re deliberately “demanding the impossible” to grow the power of our coalition.

Our demands are evolving based on feedback from frontline organizers. If you’re a member of a frontline community or organize with a frontline-led group, let us know.

End Climate Imperialism

We stand with indigenous and colonized peoples whose resources have been stolen and whose environments have been turned into sites of capitalist extraction, war, and dumping grounds for empire.

We fight for a world where all people have the right to self-determination and healthy environments.

Reject Eco-Fascism

We stand with marginalized groups whose resources are stolen by fascist states and whose continued survival is scapegoated as a cause of the climate crisis.

We fight for a world without borders and states, where marginalized voices are centered in the search for solutions to the climate crisis.

End Gentrification

We stand with homeless people and low-income communities of color whose lives are endangered when they are displaced into areas at higher risk of climate destruction.

We fight for a world without landlords and private real estate companies, where communities have access to the resources they need.

Prison Abolition

We stand with people of color, undocumented people, LGBTQ people, and others who are caged in the areas of greatest climate risk and whose labor is exploited to fight climate shocks.

We fight for a world where all people are seen as vulnerable, and where both victims and perpetrators of violence can participate in interpersonal, communal, and ecological healing.

Community Ownership

We stand with workers against exploitative employers and businesses who profit off of climate destruction.

We fight for a world in which businesses are owned by the communities in which they operate.

Multigenerational Leadership

We stand with the youth inheriting a world deeply damaged by climate destruction, and with older generations who face increased vulnerability from a collapsing climate.

We fight for a world where people can live with dignity for generations to come.

Animal Liberation

We stand with non-human animals whose bodies are destroyed and exploited for profit and selfish purposes.

We fight for a world where all creatures can live in dignity and peace.

Climate Reparations

We stand with and fight for all victims of the climate crisis, who must receive justice directly from the corporations and colonizers causing the crisis.