Earth Strike NYC

On September 27: Communities strike for the climate over colonialism and capitalism



Q: Who/what is Earth Strike New York?

A: We’re a group organizing for a communities strike for climate over colonialism and capitalism. We’re centering the radical work and demands of frontline communities. These are our demands.

Q: Why are you so radical?


Q: Why is EarthStrike calling for a general strike?


On Sept27

Q: What are you doing on the 27th?

A: On S27, we’re making Sunset Park the epicenter of the broader fight for climate liberation, by focusing coalition efforts on the anti-gentrification work of UPROSE.

We’re organizing a Communities Strike for Climate over Colonialism and Capitalism by inviting workers, students and all people to escalate the fight for climate justice by organizing a general strike.

Q: Why should my group endorse S27?

A: By endorsing, you’re affirming:

  1. That the only way to fight the climate crisis is by confronting colonialism, capitalism, racism, and fascism.
  2. That the most visible, audible, and powerful people in this fight must be frontline organizers already doing the work.
  3. That a powerful weapon in this fight is the ultimate direct action-- the general strike.

Q: Why should I go to another climate rally? What makes this one different?

A: This is not just another rally, it’s an invitation to build long-term power. The power to withdraw our labor from the system causing the climate crisis. The power to cause a crisis for that system. We don’t just want you to come to a rally. We want you to join in long-term participation and decisionmaking within our democratic organization.

Q: But you’re only striking for part of one day. Won’t the government and corporations just ride it out?

A: We believe that short-term appeals to the government and corporations will not save us. Incremental policy change, while it may be of some help in mitigating climate change, is not enough. Addressing centuries of oppression and ecological destruction will require massive, sustained disruption and revolutionary, structural change. In our first mass mobilization we hope to show that there is a desire among the people for profound change, and that there is a commitment to continue organizing a radical general strike in the future.

Q: Striking can be risky. Can people really take the day off work?

A: We want people to feel powerful in using their full agency to stop climate destruction. But we understand that the systems of oppression we are organizing to uproot are actively a part of people’s lives. We will work with anyone who would like to participate, but faces obstacles of any kind. Please email to connect with us about strike support.

Q: What about the strike on the 20th?

A: The September 20th Climate Strike is a youth-led rally to demand transformative action be taken by the world’s governments to address the climate crisis. The youth coalition is led by Fridays for Future and Swedish school striker Greta Thunberg. On Sep 20th, student strikers will demand an end to fossil fuels, a just transition, and that polluters are held accountable.

The September 27th Communities Strike for Climate Over Colonialism is led by a radical frontline coalition, and seeks to give climate power directly to the people. We will work to show the links between the climate crisis and systemic injustices including capitalism, colonialism, racism, and fascism. We seek to highlight the climate work that frontline communities have been doing for decades.

Our demands are: End Climate Imperialism | Reject Eco-Fascism | Prison Abolition | End Gentrification | Community Ownership | Multigenerational Leadership | Animal Liberation | Climate Reparations

S20 and S27 organizers have been in conversation with each other for months, and we encourage you to support both strikes!